On Mercury goes retrograde and the celestial orchestra ; date August 14 th, 2017

As mercury started its retrograde cycle , where it starts to move backward from the sign of Virgo passing on to the sign of Leo , this along with several retrograde planets and Jupiter in libra square Pluto Capricorn also in retrograde and squares venus as well in cancer forming a tsquare that is rather intense where you get to work on the issues of what you value and love and it being soulfully implanted as Pluto is on the other side reviewing the soulful journey , Pluto earlier a month ago visits mars in the same planet and mars then joined to combust the sun ever since from cancer to now Leo , where the Sun shall experience later on an eclipse that is aligned with mercury retrograde as right on the same degree mercury stations to direct . It’s a very intense process that’s been building up creating layers where we start to access many intense energies that can be making us revise many core issues about ourselves , things from the past and our soul questions can be more asked , with Jupiter squaring Pluto that brings its energy intensified . Bringing us to questions about honoring one self and embracing love with all its forms and it’s beautiful diversity , a lesson of the Leo Aquarius polarity with a nurturing tone with venus in cancer , mercury retrograde can allow us to communicate more from the heart and its a language machines can not comprehend , but it’s just another language the universe tries to teach us to know and embrace to remind us with a realm that is beyond our human map, at the end we are so little , if I shall relate to this energy now I shall try to admire all sorts of exists of beings from air and their beings with birds that are very much relatable to air people , where ideas and chatting and movement and freedom with Gemini , with its magical colors and songs and wisdom with libra , with it flying and belonging to the outer perspective keepers of the sky realm as the Aquarius , this was inspired by a beautiful bird that just flew by me, so thank you , the water creatures you see they are kind of silent but they are emotionally and psychologically communicating and also they read the area from water through out all their senses , a lot of emotions are in there and not necessarily easily expressed , an earth element might dream of being a mermaid but for the mermaid the earth is suffocation… so they hide , being captured is like the end of how they can be , cause water needs space it took over the whole earth and still resisting being contained but also it heals you and it’s part of the Devine manifestation of our existence . Water creatures learnt to deal with all this information by developing a shorter memory span . To understand water you need to be in water and getting out of water has been done by metamorphosis , same is required for it to be reversed . Perhaps the dream of the fish is to end this metamorphosis cycles on land . Because earth and ground is a beautiful existence that is a great giver and teacher for all its been thru and it can contain , it’s definitely a responsibility that is quite similar to the responsibility of being a human . Making the feeling of earth always relatable to that of the mother, which is a responsibility in itself. As the mother also wants to mother her self through venus and teaches and instructs thru Virgo and disciplines even more stern than a father thus a grandmother. Beautiful beings and manifestations making you only fall in love more with that very amazing creator of all . Patterns are a beautiful form of art. Then the story of fire as fire is somehow in the very core yet it’s manifestation required attention , it’s felt more than just heard and it’s not touched .. a form that borrows from other forms to manifest. You know it’s existence more when it’s gone , u see the transformation cause that’s what it does , its a serving energy . But for it to serve you , it requires your presence otherwise it shall have a power of its own . Earth and water are their on the crust to contain it and it does create their force after all along with the various forms out side . After all one has to learn to love all elements and beings through all their manifestations, each is serving a soul contract of their own and are meant to experience their own journey , hoping with this celestial energy to find a way in our hearts all of us to see and respect the differences of us all in each their own glory and service they provide by just being themselves to this universe . So love your air people as they are do not try to make them water nor try to feel burdened with being the most grounded or unappreciated enough as your fire needs to grow . Let’s use the libra in Jupiter as source of harmonious energy , so bring the harmonious energy knowing that eachone is having a venus Pluto out there too, so try to bring the Leo kindness and loving whenever there is to shine. 

The curious case of Elizabeth Bathory 

Elizabeth bathory , was a Hungarian noble woman and one of the most prolific female muderer, according to Guinesse World Records , she is usually compared with Vlad the impaler or Count Dracula … and she goes by the name the Blood Countess .

With 650 victims who suffered death , mutiliation or various forms of tortures . Many horrific stories were webbed about her , however being part of a Noble family , had led her cas to end with a “mild sentence” life imprioninment in her castle, although she was declared to be caught red handed , however the validity of most of these stories is rather weak since the myth and folklore played their role , yet a life imrisionment in a solitary confinement in her castle is a fact. 

This is her story in brief , however that is not the only story , a counter story Justine that Elizabeth was actually innonecnt and these stories were a result of political schemes . 

Just as folklore had convicted Count Dracula as a person who used to live on the blood of his victims , she was also convicted to bath in the blood of virgins to maintain her youth … however both of these stories were countered saying especially in Elizabeth case , where many facts presented in her case are actually doubted to be true, some would say that she was actually a victim of conspiracy, due to her rise of wealth and power . 

I thought if we look at her chart, we might actually reach some clue to who Elizabeth Bathory was 

Pisces 10′ symbolic degree ” a man and a woman reclining on a roman bed cheerfully partake wine and fruits ” (janduz version) a degree that symbolized a frickles character however if you read through its interpretation it hold that, this degree indicates that gossips cause serious troubles and that bad reputation threatens men and women alike” .

Unfortunately no time of birth is available, so her mystery is still kind of working it’s mojo till this day.

Just few hints about her life before we get into her chart . 

First ,Elizabeth was said to have had a child at the age of nine before her marriage which resulted in her giving up her child to a paid local woman .  

Second, she was a resourceful women who knew how to read and write , also speak several lanaguages.  And during the time her husband had left to war , she had taken the role of defending her husbands estate and even her role extended to provide medical care.  Several incidences showed eliszabith as a dutiful women who stood by women who suffered misfortune from the war . 

Now back to her chart, Elizabeth is a Leo Sun , Mars and Venus all conjunct and all square Uranus in Scorpio .  An eccentric figure with a fiery flare and will . Individualistic and opinionated . The square with Uranus Scorpio shall bring out her sexuality to oppose the norms and defy the standards of her society. No wonder that the blood bath scandals were also mythed to be a ritual for retaining beauty (venus ).  However having mars squares Uranus will make her will and need for eccentricity seen as a source of shadow type cast to the society.  

Moon is in Pisces , which is considered a good sign for the mood to be , as its essence is to connect to different sorts of people , conjunct Pluto . Now this brings her moon to experience a different tone imprint , since the moon is a reflector by nature , a stallite that holds our memories and our reactions stem from its dynamics. Here with Pluto conjunct Pisces moon this shall give her nature a secretive deep and profound feelings . The Pluto moon contacts usually deals with loss and distortions to the mother figure . Here the experience that can reflect this kind of placement in her life can be traced in the incident of her giving up her child at her very young age.  Such moon contact to Pluto turns the moon to experience all sorts of obsessions and fears . An experience that bring out the worst demons for them to be purged and the natal is to learn how to handle this process and bring out the transformation. 

We can not really tell if this moon signature had turned Elizabeth to the monster she was accused to be, but it is defiantly notable in how her life unfolded whether her loss of her first child or her husband being away at war for long period of time . Many of the facts are missing , yet this aspect can be the catalyst behind her willingness to help other women.  She probably was the character that was strange , strong and you would doubt their motives even if they mean well. That can be also seen in mercury opposite Pluto , a great mind that can cut to the core, investigative but also distant under the wall of protection that Pluto builds , and with Neptune square too that means even the what she communicated was either misleading or she was mislead . A blurry reality is also there with her sun square Neptune . This can make her trust the Not trust worthy and vice versa, her judgment on reality and people can be swayed by illusions. 

What is for sure known about this women however that she made herself an icon of some sort of way perhaps very different than what she intended of herself to be . The eccentric sexual appetite along with a need to belong and merge through sex and the taboo to transform along with neptunian illusion can bring her monster out without even herself questioning her motives . Was she illuded or was she lead to her down fall by trusting the wrong people while trying to prove her self a hero . 

Having Saturn in Gemini where a lesson to mutually relate and a north node that is conjuncting Pluto , her transformation to understand how to communicate could have been her real homework in this life time. Maybe she was just a different powerful perhaps also sexy woman who made others jealous by her fortune which was also her misfortune . 

Your Rising…

Your rising sign or ascendant is the first astrological point of reference through which your whole chart is laid or let’s say when your  soul contract is handed.  

So What is your rising sign? And what is it’s role and significance .

Here comes the story of the ascendant or your rising sign . When a person is born the point east , or the 9 o’clock , is consideeed the intiation point and the sign it has at this moment becomes your rising sign , the sign associated to your First house , the first house for the soul to rise . 

Through out ur manifest in a certain way, in many cases we can skip to notice it in our behavior . l shall try to explain how it relates to me , so you see my sun is in Leo , and as a Leo person archetype I am supposed to be a very social person who likes the spot light . Well honestly if you see me in a crowd that feels like a stage to me I shall assign the role. However most of my encounters on one to one basis I’m someone very shy and actually doesn’t like the attention, I pay prefer to hide . And that is my Capricorn ascendant that plays on the one to one basis . When the ascendant meets the deacand . The number one stage at an encounter with a person or with life. 

Why is the ascendant important, first it can point to you to your deacand which is it’s polar opposite , which means that following the same Capricorn example , my ascendant Capricorn will show to a person as someone distant , reserved in a way and maybe a bit aloof , however my inner dynamic is related to a need for love and care which is my cancer descendant , the sign or quality it holds tells us about what we look for in our selves more than what we look for in a partner although it can manifest this way.  Whatever is happening in your descendant house tells a lot what you manifest in a partner or through partnerships in general , an enemy can be a partner of  one is their own enemy . The ascendant however will point to how you started your life. It’s sign and signature as in planets involved tells a lot about how u start this life and to an extent how it may physically manifest . 

When the temple of Ramsis the second was built , the sun rises on him twice , first the monent he was born as at the time of his ascendant or rising sign occurance and at the time he was crowned . It still does 🙂 

You are not just your Sun Sign…

“So, what’s your sun sign ?” A very familiar question usually asked as a pick up line , or by some astrology fan… its definitely a question that can tell something about the person being asked , unfortunately that question doesn’t tell much in the astrology world. In the realm of Astrology and yes it’s a world and a realm within our realm which can only be accessed by tapping into yourself and broadening your experience and vision , it’s another dimension of our own existence and the world within you that you can be channeled and it can connects you to the Whole.  Yet it takes patience and work just like anything worth the effort.

As for the skepticism around Sun Signs, and the astrology take on it, I can say that such doubts are considered not only valid to an astrologer, it’s also explained and affirmed throughout the study of astrology, how can people of the same sun sign all happen to share the same personality, life path, and fate ? the answer is they don’t. this question is the prime stone around which astrology is based, since astrology is not your sun sign , That is also not to say that the Sun doesn’t have a role in Astrology or in your own character build, but to know what was happening to the Sun at the moment of your birth is something different than knowing its general theme, which is your sun sign. Astrology deals basically with your natal or birth chart, which is to say the celestial map that existed at the time of your birth reflecting the energy of the position of the starts in relation to your place on this earth plane. Its your imprint and the energy you carry along with your soul contact, the moment you leave the limbo of your mother uterus as a fetus , and let the earthly air get into your lungs with your first cry as a baby born . probably that cry was you having a quick peak on your Saturn ..:) maybe later you’ll laugh at this .
Now this celestial map or image holds a lot of who you are …more than you actually know about yourself.. it is that intricate and precise, extremely detailed as much as each person is, all of its dimensions have an impact on you.. but nothing dictates anything on you as well, cause after all there was a soul to receive this contract with its ingredients and its up to the soul to bring either the best or the worst of its manifestation.
What astrology tries to show is what was there in terms of energy at the vaults of heaven, now remaining ignorant about this source of information considering it as not valid or non-existent , without taking the right discipline to learn about it is a very lazy answer but to each their own. Unless you start testing these information with enough respect to the nature of the matter, as we are talking about a source of Sacred Mystic Science that existed and exceeded the age of many other forms of science.
It has been webbed in the most ancient mystical civilizations, holding power to questions we still didn’t figure totally out. Many of the great minds throughout history practiced or followed astrology , Names as Isaac Newton, Carl Jung and Einstein. I don’t believe those minds were trivial in any sense.
So before we dismiss something cause you don’t know its full spectrum, due to the triviality of presenting it by some whether that was done intentionally or idiotically you need to understand that what you know about astrology is a tiny scratch that cannot summarize the whole. However if you wish to learn more about yourself and what energies you have within you , then lets embark on this ride where we sail towards the celestial energies that lie within you.
So for a start, you need to get your natal chart done, and this is easy, go on line, find a site that generate your birth chart, many free online sites are available I personally prefer Astro.com, create an account, type your birth date , your time of birth (each four min counts ), and your location and voila’..

Thank God we are into the Aquarian age where we don’t have to draw such a chart by hand 😉